A Little Train Watching and Some Reading

Tuesday March 24th 2020

Once again I misunderstood the weather forecast. Today was another great day very similar to yesterday. The high temperature was in the mid seventies with lots of sun and not to much wind. The cooler cloudier weather in the forecast is later in the week.

I got a slow start to the day, but with nothing planned it played into a nice lazy day. I spent the day reading interspersed with a couple of walks around the RV park. The TV is on all the time, but I’ve stopped listening to most of the virus coverage. The conflicting information and the focus on the negative needs to be taken in small doses. I watch the first few minutes of the local and national evening news to get an update, then go back to entertainment broadcasts.

Train with double high containers heading east outside the RV park wall.

This park is in the classic RV park location. It’s between the Interstate highway and the train tracks. At my request my site is located well away from the highway. It turns out to be closer to the train tracks. During the day you don’t really notice either the highway or the trains. I’ve looked out my window a couple of times to be surprised by a passing train a few hundred yards away. At night it’s another story. The truck traffic on Interstate 10 is a steady coming and going noise from both directions. Every now and then the trains join the noise symphony. Loud train whistles for the grade crossings announce the arrival of each train. The rumbling noise of the train moving along the tracks is even accompany by actual vibration inside my RV home. All of this is more of a diversion than an annoyance. It is interesting to listen to as I wait for sleep to arrive.

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