Settling in for the long wait

Sunday March 22nd 2020

There was a high layer of clouds that filtered and blocked the sun today. It kept the temperature in the low seventies. Overall a very nice weather day.

Cactus in bloom.

I worked on getting settled in for a long stay as a I wait out the COVID-19 virus social disruption. Hopefully nothing will require me to move until at least the middle of May. It is that level of certainty about were I will be parked that caused me to stop traveling and settle here for awhile. I’ve got the tires that face the sun covered, my bicycle locked to the ladder on the back of my RV home and have got the inside setup for a long stay.

Many of the winter residents of this park have returned home. Most of the people still here are full time travelers like me or people who have decided to stay until things stabilize a bit. After I make the general assumption that most of the South Dakota, Texas and Florida license tags belong to full time RVers there are plenty of people from other states and provinces a long way away. The people across the street are from New York and down the road a bit is an RV from Alaska. It looks like about half the three hundred and fifty sites are occupied.

All of the buildings and recreation facilities are closed. The planned activities and events have been canceled. The only open areas are the office and the laundry. I’m not sure what I think about using the laundry. My dirty clothes are accumulating, but I wonder about laundry facilities in good times. Right now I’m going to watch how busy the laundry gets before I make up my mind. There is a reason I carry too many clothes.

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