A Hike to Contemplate a Change in Travel Plans

Monday March 16th 2020

Today’s weather was a continuation of yesterday. It started clear and sunny without a cloud in the sky. As the day progressed a few clouds started to arrive in the area. More clouds are expected tomorrow and by Wednesday it may be raining. Today’s high temperature was just a little warmer than the Sunday. The temperature peaked a little above seventy five.

I finally got around to taking the hike I almost did on Saturday and Sunday. The difference today was I was prepared. I had water, my cell phone, a small pack and I was wearing my hiking shoes. It was a nice hike through the wildflowers and up toward the base of the Superstition Mountains. There are a few short steep sections of trail, but overall it was an easy hike. Round trip it was less than two hours. I took lots of pictures.

My mind wasn’t fully on the hike. I need to make up my mind about my travel plans. The COVID-19 virus is a major wrinkle in my carefully laid out plans for this years travel. As things stand right now I have one more week here, followed by two weeks in another Arizona State Park. Assuming an instate travel ban is not implemented, I should be OK. My next planned stop at the Grand Canyon is the first probable issue. Grand Canyon National Park has been shutting things down on a daily basis. The campground is operated by a concessionaire that also runs the lodge. When they decide to shutdown the lodge, I’m pretty sure they’ll close the campground too. I’d need to find another place to stay for that week. The next six nights at a private campground in Monument Valley might be OK, but I don’t think I’d be taking any tours. So, why go? The week after that is at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. It has a similar problem to the Grand Canyon. Time wise, it is now the end of April.

I’m thinking the safe alternative is to find an RV park for the next six weeks and hibernate. I would then need to travel north quickly to catch up to my itinerary in the middle of May. The alternative with more risk both to my health and possibility of interruptions is to push forward and adapt as needed. Unless I come up with another great idea overnight, I’ll be on the phone tomorrow looking for an RV park.

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