Beautiful Colorful Desert

Sunday March 15th 2020

The weather was just about perfect today. There were only a few high wispy clouds in the sky with a gentle breeze. The temperature reached the seasonal average in the mid seventies.

High wispy clouds dotted the sky.

Last weeks rain has provided a boost to the flowering plants in the desert surrounding the Lost Dutchman State Park. I walked out the Siphon Draw trail a considerable distance today. Once again I wasn’t prepared for a long hike, so I turned back before getting to far into the middle of nowhere. There were many other people on the trail. I’m guessing with all of the things closed because of the COVID-19 virus people are choosing a hike in the desert as an alternative family oriented activity on a Sunday. We were all treated to a beautiful display of yellows and purples along the trail.

Everything is green this time of year. Later in the year it will be brown, but right now the green background is complemented by lots of yellow blossoms. When you get closer smaller purple and blue blossoms can be found near the ground. The cactus still haven’t started to blossom, but there big green presence punctuates the landscape.

There was a fair amount of turnover as the weekend came to an end in the campground, but this area was full again tonight. Most of the campers in this area seem to come for a night or two before moving on. There are a few that are here for the two week limit like I am.

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