More Wandering in the Desert

Tuesday March 17th 2020

The weather is on the down slop of the roller coaster. It was a sunny day, but there was more wind and a lower high temperature. The temperature peaked in the low seventies. Up to half an inch of rain is forecast for tomorrow into Thursday. It will also be cool enough that there will be snow at altitude.

Clouds moving in as the sun set.

I spent some time today investigating alternative places to spend the next few weeks. My reservation is up a week from tomorrow at this location. Assuming the state doesn’t close the state parks for camping, or the highway for travel I’ll stay here until then. At the beginning of the week I’ll decide if I’m going to move to my next two week state park stay or go into hibernation at an RV park. There is nothing wrong with the state parks. I’m basically in isolation at the parks anyway. It is rare that you get within twenty feet of another human. The problem will occur if a well meaning public official (bureaucrat) decides there is a public health value to closing the parks. I can see the value of closing the restrooms and restricting camping to self contained units.

Today was a two long walk day. The first was a walk on the trails this morning and the second was a walk around the camping loops as the sun set. I think I’m taking pictures of the same cactus over and over, but they are such interesting specimens.

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