A Sunny Slow Saturday

Saturday March 14th 2020

After four rainy days today was a bright sunshiny day. The temperature peaked just north of seventy. It is still a little below the average temperature for the day in this area. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer.

Desert wildflower blossom of the day.

I was slow getting started this morning. I rolled over a couple of extra times before getting out of bed and then spent extra time lingering over my breakfast coffee. Once I did get out of the RV, I wandered around the campground to get a little exercise. Today was a big turnover day. There were a lot of empty sites by the noon checkout. This evening they were all full again.

Toward the end of my walk around the campground I ventured onto the trails behind the campground. The trails head up into the Superstition Mountains. They gain altitude but not very quickly. I stopped a little way along the trail and reversed direction. I wasn’t prepared for a long hike. My cell phone, extra water and few other sensible hiking aids were back at the RV. I’ll return prepared for a hike another day.

A couple of helicopters one of which was the Sheriffs were operating out of the far side of the park this noon. I don’t know if it was an exercise, demonstration of some sort or a real emergency. One helicopter started up and departed the area over the mountain. As it was returning over the park the second helicopter lifted off and departed the area in the other direction. The first helicopter then hovered for a couple of minutes before leaving the area. It sure seems like some sort of exercise, but who knows.

The day went by quickly even without live sports on TV. I couldn’t get into the replays a couple of the networks tried to use to entertain us. Games shows, cooking and home improvement shows are going to get more of my attention than they deserve on the weekends without sporting events.

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