The Last of Four Rainy Days

Friday March 13th 2020

Today was the fourth and hopefully last day of rain for this storm. The forecast calls for three nice days before the next storm system moves in off the Pacific Ocean. The wind blew and the rain fell hard during the night. The sounds woke me up a few times, but only long enough to roll over. The day had large periods of time with visible blue sky and even a little sun, but you had to watch the horizon for the next rain storm. Every day since Tuesday bands of rain have been moving across the area from southwest to northeast. When it did rain today it was hard and windy. The temperature only made it into the mid sixties.

During the breaks in the rain I continued to explore the campground and the state park in general. There are some beautiful views of the Superstition Mountains from all over the campground. As the day went by the campground continued to fill up for the weekend. The sites with electric and water service have been full every night, but some of the sites without services were available during the week. It looks like they will all be full this weekend. There are some ranger lead events scheduled for tomorrow, but I’m guessing they will be canceled as a virus spread mitigation. I hadn’t planned to attend anyway.

As the sun was setting I thought I was going to get a very nice red sunset. I hiked up hill and away from the parked RVs to get a better view. Before the sun reached the horizon another storm line moved in between me and the setting sun. I got some interesting pictures looking toward the sun and away from the sun toward the mountain, but not the real sunset I was expecting.

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