Waiting for the Rain

Thursday March 12th 2020

It was a matter of waiting for the next rain storm today. I think there were a few showers overnight. They weren’t hard enough to wake me up, so I’m basing my conclusion on the wet roads and ground this morning. Rain threatened all day. Big storms were visible on the horizon in all directions. The first shower didn’t arrive here until late afternoon, but it was followed by a very brief appearance of the sun. The forecast is for more rain with the chance of flash floods through tomorrow afternoon.

Superstition Mountains

During the dry part of the day I got in some exploring around the Lost Dutchman State Park. It is a beautiful area. Much to my surprise there are many Saguaro cactus here. I thought I left the area of many saguaros yesterday. Most of the saguaro cactus in this area are bigger and older than the ones in the Lake Pleasant area. Saguaro cactus live more than 200 years and don’t put out any arms until about fifty years of age. Around here many of the cactus have multiple arms and are very tall.

There are many trails to hike in the park and the neighboring National Forest. The ones I walked today were soft from the rain. A couple had muddy areas and standing water to dodge. The great view of the Superstition Mountains was often obscured by a crown of clouds. Once the sun returns, dries out the trails and casts a better light on the mountains it will be a beautiful area to hike.

The rain seems to have returned at full force. As I’ve been writing this blog entry, the rain has been making its presence known on the roof of my RV home. A quick check of the weather radar shows a lot of rain to come. The forecast calls for a sunny weekend before a chance of rain returns next week.

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