A Very Rainy Travel Day

Wednesday March 11th 2020

It rained overnight and into the day today. I had to pack, dump the tanks and travel in the rain. Fun is not a work I’d apply to today’s move.

I took my time packing trying to stay inside during the harder rain showers. It was just before the noon checkout when I vacated my site at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. There wasn’t anyone else at the dumping station when I arrived so I took my time dumping the tanks. It will be another two weeks before I will dump again. I finally left the park and started my journey around 12:30.

The rain wasn’t bad during the first part of my journey. I only had the windshield wipers on the low intermittent setting. As I got closer to Phoenix the traffic picked up and I encountered a construction zone. Traffic was slow, but it kept moving. Not long after I finished with the construction zone, mother nature decided I needed another challenge. One of the heaviest showers in this storm system passed overhead. The wipers got cranked to full on and I started to watch for standing water on the roadway. Heavy rain doesn’t seem to be something the desert dwellers are very familiar driving in. Many motorists slowed way down, so I had to slow down to keep good spacing. Luckily by the time I had to get off the highway onto the surface roads the rain let up. The only remaining problem was dodging flooded sections of the road. The water never covered the entire road. It was just necessary to wait for on coming traffic so you could go around the water.

Site 83 at the Lost Dutchman State Park.

I arrived at the Lost Dutchman State Park northeast of Apache Junction after 2PM. There was a line up of other RVs waiting to check in. For the first time today, it wasn’t raining. It took a good ten to fifteen minutes to get checked in which was really only a question of telling the lady my name and getting my car pass. I paid for the campsite about a year ago. The rain returned while I was setting up.

View out my front window.

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