The Sun is Taking a Break

Tuesday March 10th 2020

The sunny weather that I’ve been enjoying since I arrived here at the end of February has gone away. Last night it began raining. By morning it had stopped, but the sun did not return. It remained very cloudy and threatening all day. As darkness approached so did the next wave of rain. This one is expected to last into the morning. Hopefully it will stop early enough that I don’t have to pack in the rain. Tomorrow is a travel day.

Thick clouds were the norm today.

I got my grocery shopping completed by early afternoon. I want to keep a few extra days supply of food in case concern about the COVID-19 virus escalates in this area. So far there are only a few identified cases in Arizona. People have already made a run on some of the “basics” on Walmart’s shelves. The toilet paper aisle was empty and the cleaning supplies aisle looked sparse as well. Stocking up on toilet paper would never cross my mind. Of course, I don’t have room to store lots of extra roles.

At the campground this afternoon I got started on some of the packing tasks for tomorrow’s travel. I only have about eighty miles to travel from the north side of the valley to the east side. Checkout time here is at noon. I’ll try to leave as close to that hour as possible so my site at the new campground will be available when I arrive.

I also used some of the time before the rain returned for another walk around the park. The saguaro cactus are starting to show some white fuzz on the tops. That’s the first step toward blossoms. Unfortunately, I won’t be here to see them. I don’t think there are as many, if any, saguaro in the area I’m moving to. The pictures in this blog entry are from my walk today.

Desert blossom of the day

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