Dodgers vs Padres Spring Training Game

Monday March 9th 2020

The first three quarters of the day was sunny and warm. The temperature made it into the low to mid seventies. As the sun got lower in the sky the clouds associated with the next weather system moved in. It is forecast to start raining tonight and continue off and on for the next three or four days. Between one and two inches of rain is possible over the time span.

Today’s big event was another Spring Training game at the Peoria Sports Complex. The teams in today’s contest were the Los Angles Dodgers vs the San Diego Padres. Since the Dodgers have been in the post season the last few years, I actually recognized the names of more than a couple of players. At the previous three games the name recognition has been low.

There were more than 7,000 people in attendance. Once again it seemed like there were more fans of the visiting Dodgers than the home Padres. The MLB network was covering the game, so there was a little more ceremony today. A local high school ROTC group provided the color guard and another high school girls choral group sang the National Anthem. The first part of the game was competitive, but the Dodgers really took advantage of the Padre’s bullpen.

The final score was Dodgers 14 to Padres 2. I didn’t make it to the end. I left at the top of the ninth inning. The extended family that was sitting behind me most of the game finally got to be to much. They spread out as people left. By the top of the ninth I was surrounded on three sides with conversations going right through me. I could have moved again, but it was easier to just leave.

Back at the campground I was provided with a hot air balloon show. At least nine balloons were floating in the moderately still air over the desert to the south. I don’t think there was enough air to allow the balloons to cover much distance from their launch point. As darkness settled in they all returned to the ground.

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