A Hike Among the Saguaro

Sunday March 8th 2020

The above normal warmth of the last few days didn’t return today. It was only an average day for the area. After the overnight clouds dissipated the temperature climbed into the low seventies. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer, but the middle of the week has rain in the forecast. Just what I don’t want for my moving day on Wednesday.

This morning began before the sun came up. It was time to make another reservation for next February in Florida. It is difficult to make reservations all winter in Florida, but February and March are the worst. On Saturday I checked to see how many sites were going to be available at each of three possible state parks. There were only two or three at two of the parks and none at the third possible state park. For my best chance at securing a reservation I had to be online when the reservations open at 8AM Eastern Daylight Time. I got up at 4:45AM local time and was back in bed by 5:15AM after successfully booking another two week stay. I’ll need to repeat the process on the 22nd of March.

There was a lot of recreational activity on Lake Pleasant.
Three racing boats were churning up a lot of water and making more noise than was comfortable.
The wind was strong enough to keep the sailboat moving at a good pace.

After the planned disrupted sleep, I was a little slow getting started this morning. Breakfast was slow and lazy. Shortly before noon I started on today’s big hike among the Saguaro. At the wildflower presentation on Friday, the rangers had indicated that there were a lot of flowers in bloom along the trail. They were right, but be out among the Saguaro was just as impressive. I took lots of pictures along the way. Using the camera not only captures the things I’m seeing, but it slows me down. At a slower pace I don’t get tired as quickly and enjoy the hike more. All of the pictures in this blog entry are from the hike.

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