Lake Pleasant Hike

Tuesday March 3rd 2020

The last hurrah of yesterday’s weather system came through just before 7AM this morning. The wind woke me up. It rattled the antennas on my roof and flapped the slide room awnings. In addition to the howling, the strength of the gusts rocked the RV. For more than an hour it kept me awake. Once I decided to get up, just after 8AM, it started to abate. By 9:30 it was calm outside. It was a very rude start to the day. The remainder of the day was sunny and seasonal. The temperature peaked in the lower half of the seventies.

With my legs recovered from my first excursion on the hills around Lake Pleasant, I took advantage of the nice weather to make a longer hike along the banks of the lake. Many of the desert plants are starting to bloom. There are lots of yellow flowers with some blue and orange blossoms thrown in for good measure. The remainder of this blog post contains some of the pictures I took on my hike.

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