Royals vs Padres Game

Wednesday March 4th 2020

The good weather trend continued today. The overnight temperature was warm enough that I kept a window open. It was in the mid fifties when I woke up this morning. Today’s high temperature was in the mid seventies under a sunny sky.

I returned to the Peoria Sports Complex today to watch the Kansas City Royals take on the home San Diego Padres. Even heavier weekday traffic I got to the stadium quicker than my first visit on Sunday. Knowing where you are going sure helps. I was in the stadium by 11:30 for the 1:10PM game. The place was close to empty. Members of both teams were visible on the practice fields, but there wasn’t even a grounds keeper on the stadium field. Gradually the crowd grew and a few of the grounds crew started to work on the field. The crowd never got huge and many of the vendor booths never opened.

View from my seat before the game.

The final attendance was around 3,500. Sunday was in the mid six thousands and that looked empty. There were many empty blue seats today. Most of the fans in attendance were routing for the visiting Royals rather than the home Padres. Considering that San Diego is the closes team to the valley that isn’t the resident Diamondbacks, the lack of support for the Padres is surprising. On Sunday the Giants fans seemed to out number the Padres too, but it wasn’t as lopsided.

There was a lot of scoring and lots of pitching changes. Just to get out of the top half of the first inning the Padres had to use two pictures. The Royals scored six runs in the first. The final score was Royals 9, Padres 7. All the scoring made for a long game. It was after 4:30 when I started home.

On the way home traffic was heavy, but there were some interesting sights. After I left the populated areas and reached open desert, I passed several hot air balloons getting ready to lift off. Back at my RV home I saw the balloons in the air while I was cooking supper. I kept running outside to attempt to get a picture of the balloons. There were about five in total, but I didn’t get any good pictures.

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