Weird Weather Kept Me Home

Monday March 2nd 2020

The early weather forecasts for today had the cold front and low pressure system through the area by early in the day. It wasn’t as fast as predicted. The overnight hours were calm and mostly clear. The day dawned with a mostly blue sky. As the day progressed massive cloud formations moved through the valley. It seemed like there was always some blue visible across the broad sky over the valley, but we experienced all kinds of weather under the clouds. There were a few brief showers under dark clouds and others under bright sun light. There were periods of absolute calm and times when the wind threatened to knock the RV over. It was a day of extremes. The temperature peaked in the low sixties.

I spent the day at home watching the strange weather. During my walks around the campground I tried to take landscape pictures that caught the various cloud formations. I didn’t really succeed in capturing the intensity and drama of the sky, but it was fun trying.

The good news is my leg muscles aren’t complaining anymore as I walk up and down the hills around the campground. I was encouraged to walk deeper into the park, but the weather had other ideas. One of the longer rain showers decided to occur when I was well away from shelter. The shower ended long before I got back to the shelter of my RV, but I was wet enough that I needed to dry out for a while. The last walk of the day was during the less than impressive sunset. I cut the walk short because I wasn’t dressed for the rapidly dropping temperature. Tomorrow is forecast back in the low seventies.

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