Another Relaxing Day in the Desert

Friday February 28th 2020

Today was a cloudy day. It started out with a heavy high cloud cover and got a little more spotty as the day progressed. The clouds prevented the temperature from getting into the low eighties as forecast. It peaked in the mid seventies. Tomorrow is forecast to have more sun and a higher peak temperature.

Watching over a cloudy day.

I’m paying for yesterday’s hiking around the campground. When I got up this morning the muscles in my lower legs screamed for the first few steps. In fact, every time I get up after sitting for a few minutes they let me know how unhappy they are with yesterday’s exercise. I still did a more hiking around the campground today, but it was a bit more restricted than yesterday.

After three days in the mountain time zone, I’m starting to get acclimated. I’ve been taking it easy and letting it happen gradually. I stayed at home again today enjoying the warm weather and the wide open desert area. It is so much different from the congested city and tight RV park I spent the last four months in. The city life in Las Vegas has its advantages and serves a purpose, but out in this more natural setting is far more relaxing.

Sunset is approaching.

Tomorrow I have to get back into a more active mode. At the very least, I have to make a journey to a grocery store. I’m running low on a lot of things and I’m out of a few things. Sunday I’m going to my first Spring Training game of the year.

Hiding in the bush watching my every move.

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