Hiking Around the Road Runner Campground in Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Thursday February 27th 2020

Since today wasn’t a travel day there wasn’t any real wind. The sky was clear until just before sunset allowing the temperature to climb into the low seventies. It was very nice day. The next couple of days are forecast to be as good or better. Sunday into Monday is the next possible rain event.

A few desert blooms.

I finished setting up my RV home for my two week stay and generally caught up on my sleep today. Getting back into travel mode after four months in one place was a little stressful. I didn’t get a lot of sleep Monday and Tuesday nights, but I slept in this morning.

For exercise I took several walks around the campground loops in the park. I’ve tried to stay active the last few months. I walked around the RV park in Las Vegas several times a day and walked in the Wetlands Park several times a week, but that was all flat country. This park is all hills. After walking up and down the trails and roads around here my legs were burning and heart pumping. Clearly I’ve got some conditioning to do. The pictures in this blog entry are from my various walks today.

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