A Beautiful Saturday for Grocery Shopping

Saturday February 29th 2020

Happy Leap Day!

The day started bright and sunny. It clouds moved in as the day progressed, but it still allowed the temperature to exceed the average for the date. The temperature peaked in the upper seventies.

Blossom of the day.

After a slow breakfast that used up the last of my milk supply, I adventured out to find some groceries. Unlike the last four months when the nearest grocery store was only a mile away, the nearest grocery store to my current camp is over fifteen miles away. I chose to go over twenty miles to the nearest Walmart in Anthem. It wasn’t the biggest or best stocked Walmart, but I managed to find most of the supplies I needed. The familiar layout of the Walmart stores usually makes shopping easier. In this case, I’ve probably moved into a new Walmart delivery district. Some of the non-national brand products I’ve gotten used to are no longer available. Time to find alternatives.

When I got back to the park the line up at the pay station was considerable. The marina and day use part of the park were very busy today. The lake was full of different types of water craft and many of the picnic tables along the shore were occupied by picnic groups. As one of the only big water recreation areas in the Phoenix area, the Lake Pleasant Regional Park gets a lot of use.

I did a little walking around the park during the afternoon, but my leg muscles are still reminding me of the steep terrain. A little walk every day should get me back into shape for longer walks later in my stay.

Clouds at sunset.

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