Travel Day to Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Wednesday February 26th 2020

The inside temperature was in the thirties when I woke up this morning. After turning on the furnace and the electric space heater, I returned to the warmth of my bed for another half an hour. The temperature never got very warm today. By traveling south to the Phoenix area and dropping in altitude about 2,000 feet I found a little warmth. The temperature reached the high sixties in an area that usually reaches the low seventies this time of year.

My travel day began at 10:30AM with the hope of arriving at Lake Pleasant Regional Park around the 1PM check in time. The trip south on US93 from the Kingman AZ area was a new route on my travels. The road was a combination of divided highway and two lane road, but most of the road surface was rough. The scenery was pretty as the road twisted and turned up and down ridge lines and across washes. The desert is very green right now, but I didn’t see any wildflowers in bloom until I reached the Phoenix area at a lower altitude.

I was on track to arrive on schedule around 1PM, when I read a message board. It seemed to indicate that the road I needed to take east to the park was closed or at least obstructed causing a delay. It referenced landmarks that I didn’t understand. Having been in the area before I knew that I could go around and approach the park from the south and east on better roads rather than the narrow road from the west. It was a twenty to thirty mile detour, so I got to the park around 1:30PM.

Site 53 at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

I’m on the same site I had in the fall of 2017. The view over the desert with lots of big saguaro cactus is beautiful. The full campground is behind my rig for the most part. I’ll be here for two weeks.

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