Last Visit to the Wetlands Park

Sunday February 23rd 2020

After a little more rain last night, today was a nice sunny day with a high temperature around seventy around 4PM in the afternoon. The temperature climb was a gradual process from the starting temperature in the forties. Tomorrow is forecast to be similar, but with a little more wind.

During breakfast this morning I took stock of all the travel preparation tasks remaining. The list is long, but most of the tasks only take a couple of minutes. For example, I need to put paper towels between the stacks of plates in the cabinet to prevent road rattle noise. During regular travel, I don’t remove the padding at each stop. During my four month stay it was so much simpler to remove the clutter. Another example is storing the TV table I’m using as a side table. It provides a convenient place for my tablet and TV remote controls, but I don’t get it out during short stops.

I got many of the tasks done today, but there are still plenty to do tomorrow. Another big task I want to get done tomorrow is the laundry. I don’t know when I’ll have access to as good a facility. Once I leave here on Tuesday I have a one night stop followed by three two week stays and a one week stay all in public parks. If they have laundry facilities they usually aren’t extensive.

Swimming Turtle

Despite my focus on travel preparation, I had to make one last visit to the Clark County Wetlands park. After yesterday’s rain I wanted to see how the higher water level was impacting the park. I also wanted to start the break in process on a new pair of hiking shoes.

The park was very busy today. Families and other groups were all out in the park getting their exercise. The water in the Las Vegas Wash was high and fast moving. You really couldn’t walk on the unimproved trails. They were far too muddy. As long as you stayed on the paved or improved trails it was fine. I found the American Coots were plentiful as usual. Only one turtle was enjoying the sun on a rock, but one was swimming near the surface in the pond.

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