Rainy Saturday

Saturday February 22nd 2020

Today was the first rainy day in more than two months. There have been a few showers at night, but nothing as long lasting as today’s rain. It started shortly after midnight with light rain and really picked up this morning right when the day’s activities began. The rain came down hard until nearly 11AM. After an hour or so of very light rain the sun tried to break through. It didn’t make it.

Puddles in the RV park after the main rain storm of the day was over.

While the rain was in remission I drove to Boulder Station Casino for one last visit during my stay in Las Vegas. My mission was to use the free play I’d accumulated on my players card. I had the astronomical total of ten dollars in free play accumulated over four months. You can tell I really don’t spend much money on entertainment in the slot machines. From my ten dollars in free play I made $2.35 in really money. I just played it off.

Rain moving back into the area.

About four in the afternoon the rain made a return. It rained hard to very hard for about an hour. At sunset there was a little color in the sky, but once again clearing didn’t win the battle. In the couple hours since sunset a few light showers have fallen on the roof of my RV home. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and nice once more.

Just before sunset after another period of heavy rain.

My time in Las Vegas is winding down. I have two full days left before I start my 2020 travels. Most of the things I’m doing are focused on travel prep or one last visit to something or other. I haven’t done a lot of exciting and adventurous things this winter. I’ve been enjoying a simpler, relaxed life style. All that will change as I get back to traveling. I’m sure I will enjoy my summers travels, but I’ve also enjoyed the down time.

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