Packing Day

Monday February 24th 2020

If you added just a little bit of wind to Sunday’s weather you would have today’s weather. The temperature peaked around seventy. Unfortunately Tuesday will not be as nice. It is forecast to be cooler with a lot more wind. I don’t need wind on a travel day.

Today my focus was on travel preparations. I got the majority of the extra tasks caused by the long stay complete along with all of the traditional day before travel tasks. I have about the same amount of things to do in the morning as a regular travel day.

This Dude is my new CoPilot. Billy the Bison is going to ride in the back of the RV this year.

I should be able to be on the road around ten. It is a planned short travel day of about 120 miles or a little over two hours. On the clock it will be a little over three hours because of the lost hour entering Mountain Standard time. I’ve learned to make the first travel leg after a long stay short. After a single night in the Kingman AZ area I have another 145 miles to the north of Phoenix. I’ll be there for two weeks.

Besides the travel preparations I also got a couple of loads of laundry done. On my last trip to this RV park’s laundry I think I discovered the best time to use the facility. Shortly after breakfast this morning I had the place to my self. My stuff was in a dryer before anyone else arrived. It was a mob scene by the time I took my stuff out of the dryer. I’m sure I won’t remember this lesson if I return again.

My last sunset at the Las Vegas RV Resort.

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