An Oil Change and a Walk in the Park

Friday February 21st 2020

Today was the warmest day of the week. The temperature crossed into the low seventies. The day began with a bright sunny sky, but as the day progressed the clouds moved in. Tomorrow is forecast to be one of those rare rainy days in the desert.

It is so much easier when the oil change comes to you.

I was up early this morning. The mobile lube service was scheduled for sometime during the morning to change the oil in my RV home. My understanding was that the technician would call me before he arrived, but around 10:30AM he knocked on my door. It took a little more than half an hour to complete the service. The engine in my RV home is now ready for my summer travels.

To the east this afternoon there was still blue sky.
From the west the clouds were moving in.

Later this afternoon I drove over to the Wetlands Park for a little exercise and to check for any changes at the park. I’d like to see some signs of Spring at the park before I leave the area. So far I don’t see any overt change. Last years tall grass and reeds are drying out and thinning, but new green growth hasn’t begun. The birds don’t seem to be as plentiful or as active. Some species may have moved on in their ever going migration. Other water birds seem to be staying closer to their mates. The nesting season may be right around the corner or already started. In which case the birds I’m not seeing may be back in the reeds sitting on nests. The time table for bird behavior in this area is a mystery to me. I still enjoyed a nice long walk in the park and took a few pictures.

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