The Growing Season is Returning

Thursday February 20th 2020

The signs of a new growing season are starting to appear on the plants in the RV park. The new growth is thanks in part to the days of bright sunshine with temperatures in the mid sixties that continued today. Today was another nice weather day.

I worked at little more on travel preparation tasks today. All of the stuff that migrated out of its storage place over the last four months without travel is starting to return to its proper place. I’m also replacing some old essentials with new equipment. Today I acquired a new 25 foot water hose to replace one that had a damaged threaded end. The thin brass gets bent very easily and everything I tried to fix it didn’t work. The new one has stainless steel connectors.

My grocery shopping trip to Walmart was only partially successful today. The plan was to buy enough food to last until I was in Arizona next week, but it wasn’t to be. For some reason the shelves were particularly sparsely stocked. The sizes and brands I want weren’t available. Rather than seek out alternatives, I’ll try again Sunday or Monday.

During my evening walk around the RV park, it occurred to me that I’ve seen just about every state and Canadian provence represented in the park during my four month stay. I don’t see that during my stays in Florida. Here I haven’t seen Hawaii, Rhode Island, the Carolinas or North Dakota. I think I’ve seen all of the other states. Manitoba and the Maritime provences are missing from Canada. Las Vegas is clearly a gathering point from all over. Some of the people come here to work, some to play and others just live.

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