One More Visit to the Cactus Garden

Wednesday February 19th 2020

After Tuesday’s blip in the good weather, it was back on track today. The temperature peaked in the mid sixties under a bright blue sky with only a gentle breeze. Overall it was another great day.

I spent the first half of the day doing some early preparation tasks for next weeks resumption of traveling. As I moved things from the floor or counter into the cabinets I found a lot of dust build up. This resulted in a transition into cleaning mode. It is amazing how much dust and dirt has accumulated since my last dedicated cleaning activity sometime in December. I try to wipe things up and clean as I go, but the desert wind seems to allow a thin layer of dust to enter my RV home and accumulate on everything.

This afternoon while I was out doing a few errands I got caught up in a traffic stoppage. I don’t know if was an accident or one of the traffic nightmares caused by all of the presidential candidates running around the valley. Lucky for me I was near the Ethel M Cactus garden. I made a detour into the parking lot and spent a few minutes wandering through the garden while the traffic cleared.

They haven’t wasted much time getting the Valentines decorations removed from the garden. The big standalone decorations have been removed and the lights have been partially removed from the cactus. It’s a lot of progress for less than four days. Some of the desert plants are starting to show some signs of spring brightness, but the more traditional cactus don’t seem to be ready for spring yet. Even so, I took a few pictures of the better specimens.

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