Another Slow Day with a Casino Visit

Tuesday February 18th 2020

The wind returned last night, but nowhere near as hard as last week. This morning it was calm again, but a weather change remained. Today was a little cloudier and almost ten degrees cooler. The temperature peaked in the low sixties.

Life at the RV park was back to a normal weekday routine today. Yesterday many of the working resident were around because of the holiday. The normal Monday rubbish pick up from the dumpsters didn’t happen. This morning the regular Tuesday propane deliveries toke place, but the dumpsters pickup may have to wait until later in the week.

Blossoms of the day

I’m almost at the end of my four month stay here. I know when to expect all of the regular activities in the park. There is a certain level of comfort in the familiarity of routine. My activities have also fallen into a routine. Today was Young at Heart (i.e. senior) day at Sam’s Town Casino. Most every week since I arrived in Las Vegas I’ve participated in the drawing without winning. Today was my last visit for this stay in Las Vegas. It was no different, I didn’t win anything.

Fountain show at Mystic Falls Park in the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino.

This Saturday is the Presidential primary caucus in Nevada. The democratic candidates have been all over the valley since they left New Hampshire last week. You need to be prepared to take a detour or otherwise change your destination to get out of their way all the time. I was thinking about going to the strip tomorrow, but they are having a debate at the Paris Casino Hotel tomorrow evening. The president and vice president are also going to be in town at the end of the week. Getting in some last minute touring is proving difficult.

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