Canadian Geese at the Park

Wednesday February 12th 2020

The wind was gone and the sun remained today. The sky was blue all day allowing the temperature to peak just above the sixty degree mark. It was a very nice day.

Clear blue sky all day.

I spent the early afternoon grocery shopping. It took almost two hours from the time I left my RV until I returned with a full load of food supplies. The length of time surprised me since I’m less than a mile from the Walmart I shopped at. Nothing in the store seemed to take longer than normal, so I must be turning into a slow shopper.

A single pair of geese at the middle pond in the Wetland Parks.
After a swim it was time to stand guard while his mate had dinner a few feet away.

Later this afternoon I returned to the Clark County Wetlands park for another wildlife fix. The big change today was the arrival of a pair of Canadian Geese at one of the ponds. As they swim in the pond or stand alert on the bank they make their presence known. As I walked around on the boardwalk taking pictures of the male goose it tracked my every move. The pictures in this blog entry are all from today’s visit to the wetlands park.

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