The Wind has Returned

Tuesday February 11th 2020

The gusty wind returned Monday evening. It was a major presence until late this afternoon. Once again some of the gusts were shaking my RV home. The sun shined brightly, but the wind kept the temperature below sixty all day. The forecast calls for calmer and warmer weather going forward for a few days.

I was up before 5AM to make another set of reservations for next winter in Florida. After successfully booking two weeks at Hillsborough River State Park, I was back in bed my 5:15AM. Unfortunately, the less than half hour early morning disruption in my sleep pattern seemed to keep me chronology confused all day. I thought it was afternoon long before the meridian and once I got over that confusion a few hours had slipped away allowing late afternoon to sneak up on me.

I managed to get to Sam’s Town casino in time to submit my entry in the senior “Young at Heart” drawing with a few minutes to spare. Without having much time to play slots before submitting my entries, I had fewer entries than usual. It really doesn’t make much difference. I never have anyway near as many entries as people that play the machines heave from early in the morning. The more money you put in the slot machines the more entries you get. The result is many of the same “high rollers” win every week. If I don’t participate I can’t win, so it’s fun to try.

Waterfall in Sam’s Town Casino’s Mystic Falls Park.

The countdown to my 2020 travel year is well underway. Today it reached T minus 2 weeks and counting. If the plan holds I’ll be posting this blog from Arizona two weeks from tonight. I have all of my reservations made through July 21st except for the night I leave here. If the weather forecast has wind like today’s gusts on tap for my travel day, I’ll leave a day early. I know where I want to stop the first night, so I’ll book it as soon as the long range forecast covers my travel window.

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