A Visit to the Fremont Street Experience

Thursday February 13th 2020

My day began earlier than expected this morning because of my phone. Around 7:30AM a targeted telemarketer called. Since my phone has an east coast area code, they don’t know how early they are calling. Also, it was from a company that I have done business with in the past, so they’re in the gray area of the Do Not Call List. At least it wasn’t real cold this morning. Weather wise today was a repeat of Wednesday.

Late this afternoon I drove to downtown Las Vegas. My goal was to see the new and improved Vista Vision LED light canopy at night. This is the third generation of the LED screen over Fremont Street that I’ve seen. Each version was bigger and brighter than the last one. It is now bright enough that it can even be used in full sunlight.

Fremont Street is always full of characters trying to get you to part with your money. They range from simple busking to characters in all forms of dress and undress offering to pose for a picture. At night everything is stepped up a level. There is DJ music and live music up and down the tourist packed street. A visit to the Fremont Experience at night is good every once in a while. It reminds you how weird some people and things can be.

I didn’t spend all my time checking out the characters on Fremont street. In addition to wandering through the various casinos, I had dinner at the Main Street Station buffet. It was good simple food as usual, but I over ate. Returning the length of the Fremont Street Experience to my bail my car out of the parking garage was a slow process. By the time I got there I had worked off some of my over stuffed feeling.

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