Waiting for the Full Moon

Saturday February 8th 2020

The weather today was another small incremental improvement from the day before. The temperature peaked around seventy under a full sun. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice before the transition back to Las Vegas winter weather moves in.

Today was another day of leisure, which is just another way of saying I was lazy. I read and sipped coffee for much longer than I knew. Around two in the afternoon I was brought out of my reading by the arrival of a new neighbor. The site on my front passenger side has been used as a transient site since the monthly resident departed in the middle of December. The site was empty for a couple of days before today’s tenants arrived.

It is interesting to speculate about all the new arrivals. This set was a little confusing. They were taking a lot of time to setup and were doing things in an odd order and less than efficient ways. This is often indicative of people new to RVing. On the other hand, they had lots of older hoses, cords and blocks. In fact, I think they got them all out before they were finished setting up. I’m guessing they are experienced RVers with a new trailer on its maiden voyage. I may never know for sure. They got into their truck and left as soon as they finished setting up and I don’t expect them to be here long.

This evening the rising full moon got my attention. I spent more than a few minutes trying to take pictures of the moon. A few of the better ones are included in this blog entry.

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