Back to Windy and Cool Days

Sunday February 9th 2020

The cold front arrived earlier than originally forecast. Friday the prediction was for half a good day on Sunday. By Saturday night, Sunday was going to be cool and windy. When I woke up this morning the wind was blowing and there were more clouds in the sky than blue. As the day went by the clouds increased and the temperature never passed the mid fifties. It was about fifteen degrees cooler than Saturday.

Clouds thickening in the Las Vegas valley.

The gloomy weather made me want to stay in and vegetate, but the TV programming told me to get out of the RV. The Academy Awards pre-shows started at 10AM in the Pacific time zone and the sports programming on the other networks didn’t drag me in either. I spent most of the afternoon visiting casinos and stores in the area. It was pretty much an indoor hike separated by a little driving. I didn’t buy anything in the stores and I left the casinos quickly enough that I didn’t loose any money. I came away from the afternoon with some entertainment from people watching in the casinos and a few ideas on things I should buy from the stores.

Interesting blue blossom on a random plant in a shopping center parking lot.

I was going to stop at the Wetlands Park on my way home, but it was too cool and raw. I didn’t even take my evening walk around the RV park, I just closed the blinds turned up the heat and settled in front of my computer and TV for the evening.

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