Minor Water Calamities

Friday February 7th 2020

The weather continued to improving today. It was a calm, sunny day with the high temperatures in the mid sixties. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little better, before the bottom starts to fall out on Sunday afternoon. The possibility of rain in the valley and snow in the mountains is part of the weather threat.

Today was a day full of minor water oriented calamities. The first started with a sink that wouldn’t drain. My first thought was that my holding tanks were full. That was wishful thinking since it would mean an easy fix. Unfortunately, the problem persisted after I drained the tanks. I found a length of stiff wire that I could use as a snake and started to work on the problem. The wire couldn’t turn a right angle about a foot from the drain and still provide enough leverage to clear the clog, so it was back to the drawing board. A quick run to Walmart for a three dollar plunger and I was back in business. I got the clog cleared and everything draining successfully. What caused the clog remains a mystery.

The second minor calamity was simply spilled water. Putting my dinner plate on the table I knocked over my water glass. Sixteen ounces of water and ice spilled onto the table, the credenza cabinet front and the carpeted floor. A few minutes with paper towels and a sponge and I got back to eating. When I sat down I found another spot the spilled water accumulated. I sat in the middle of a nice puddle of ice water. The water on the chair got cleaned up by the seat of my pants. After a wardrobe change I finally got to eat my dinner.

The moon rising as evening arrives.

I took two walks around the RV Park for exercise. The good weather was evident throughout the park. More people were outside their RVs sitting or working on one thing or another. At the pool for the first time in a long while I saw people in the water. There is still only one bush in the park with flower blossoms, but today it had a lot of visitors of the bee variety. My second walk was at sunset. There wasn’t much beauty to tonight’s sunset, but in the other direction the moon was rising in the sky. It will be full tomorrow night.

Can you find the bee? It’s a little below and to the left of center.

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