Cactus Garden Decorated for Valentines Day

Thursday February 6th 2020

The temperature was down in the thirties again last night, but it managed to warm up into the low sixties this afternoon. The next couple of days are forecast to be above normal before the temperature crashes again on Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon I was in the area of the Ethel M Cactus Garden. It was a perfect opportunity to see the Valentines Day lights on the Cacti. The only issue was it gets dark later than I though. I got there just before 5PM and had to wait half an hour to get the full view. During that time I wandered through the garden, but paid more attention to the airplanes in the landing pattern overhead and the setting sun to the west.

Flying off into the sunset. Actually, it’s landing.

Once it was dark enough the red, white, pink and purple lights on the cacti really stood out. It isn’t as heavily decorated as it is at Christmas time, but they still decorate most of the trees and bigger cactus. The number of wire frame light displays is smaller. Instead of reindeer they have unicorns for Valentines day, but the same peacocks they use at Christmas are on display in a different area for this holiday. I spent an additional half hour wandering through the gardens taking pictures after it got dark. They never enticed me into the building to buy any chocolates, so I guess I’m a bad visitor. Never the less I enjoyed the decorated cactus garden.

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