Cold Start to a Slow Day

Wednesday February 5th 2020

The day started cold. The temperature got down below freezing overnight. The bright sun with the assistance of very little wind allowed the temperature to climb to just over fifty. It was about two degrees warmer than yesterday, but still almost ten degrees cooler than the norm.

Once again my day started slowly. I didn’t sleep well last night. Shortly after I got to sleep I got a new neighbor across the street. For some reason the motorhome arrived after 12:30AM. They woke me up and kept me awake for most of the next hour as they got set up. I never really got fully committed to sleep. Around 5Am I was listening to people departing for the start of the work day. Somewhere around 8AM I turned the heat up before I got up nearer to 10AM than I would have liked.

This afternoon while I was out of the RV park I stopped at the Clark County Wetlands park to get some exercise. The mid week day and the cooler weather kept the number of people in the park down. I only saw a few people while I was walking the trails. In their place I saw a few of the more shy members of the wildlife family. I saw a couple of rabbits and the elusive road runner. Getting a picture of the fast moving bird is a challenge, but today I had some success.

The only downside to today’s excursion was the trip home. I got caught in the traffic from a school getting out and the end of the shift at the water treatment plant and public works. It took about twice the normal time to get home. I should have spent another half an hour wandering around the wetlands park.

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