A Productive Tuesday

Tuesday February 4th 2020

Today was a slight improvement in the weather department. It was still windy, but the temperature improved by a couple of degrees. The high temperature for the day was just under fifty or about ten degrees below the average for the day.

I had a reasonably productive day for a change. One of the tasks I needed to accomplish before I began this years travels was getting a new set of tires for my Honda CR-V. The current set have over eighty thousand miles when you combine the towed miles with the actual driven miles. The front tires were also showing signs of alignment issues. I stopped at the Firestone Service Center with the intent of getting an appointment. Three hours later I left with four new tires and an alignment.

While I was waiting for my car, I got my hair cut at the Great Clips in the nearby strip mall. I look like a human again. The last time I got my hair cut was in Oregon. It had grown to a length I haven’t seen since my college days. I just haven’t been at the right place at the right time since I got to Las Vegas.

I didn’t get back to the RV park until after dark. Getting sunset pictures was out of the question, so I took a picture of one of my new tires to illustrate this blog entry. Publishing a new blog entry without a picture seems wrong. The other alternative was a picture of cooking sausages on the gas grill, but I did a version of that over the weekend with the brat picture.

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