A Sleepy Monday

Monday February 3rd 2020

The weather has been the center of attention in the Las Vegas area over the last twenty four hours. Sunday’s high temperatures in the seventies gave way to highs in the forties today. The thirty degree change in temperature came with a lot of wind. There have been sustained winds in excess of 20mph with gusts up to 60mph.

Neither the sustained wind or the gusts are particularly new. I’ve experienced both in my RV home many times. The difference was the long duration and the irregular wave pattern to the gusts. When the wind started late Sunday afternoon it was out of the south with continuous gusts. As the evening progressed the gusts got stronger, my RV home shook and the awnings and roof top items rattled loudly. By bed time a new pattern emerged. The gusts died down or even stopped for periods of time. As the night continued the downtime got longer, but you could always hear the steady roar of the sustained winds. The pattern continued all night and through the day today. The only change was the wind direction. Today’s cold weather was ushered in by a north wind. It wasn’t until late this afternoon that the gusts were below the shaking and rattling level.

The inconsistent wind pattern prevented me from getting a good nights sleep. I’d get to sleep during the lull in the gusts, but the next RV shaking gust would wake me up. I lacked energy all day and even fell asleep a couple of times. My first excursion out my RV home was at sunset for a walk around the RV park. I was well bundled up against the cold, but the wind on my exposed skin was uncomfortable. Up north in similar conditions I’d be commenting on the nice sunny February day. Here it isn’t expected and down right unwanted.

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