A Warm Day Before a Windy Night

Sunday February 2nd 2020

The day began calm and bright, but ended windy and dull. The bulk of the day was beautiful with a high temperature in the mid seventies. About 3PM in the afternoon the forecast cold front arrived. The wind started to blow and the clouds moved in. It wasn’t long before the wind was blowing steadily over 20mph from the southwest. As I’m writing this blog entry the gusts are rocking the rig and flapping the slide out room toppers. The overnight gusts are forecast to be as high as 60mph. It’s going to be an interesting night.

I pretty much got caught up in the Super Bowl programming on TV. It wasn’t just the pre-game and game I kept watching, but some of the creative counter programming too. Five or ten minutes of the Kitten Bowl or the Puppy Bowl were fun diversions. Watching much more would have been just a little too sweet. I also watched some of the golf tournament from Phoenix before settling in to watch the football game and commercials. The game was just OK. I would have been happier if the 49ers won, but the Chiefs are explosive. Some of the commercials were cute. I can’t say that I’ll remember any of them a few days from now.

8×10 print of the image of a Great Blue Heron I took in December at the Clark County Wetlands Park

While I was watching all of these things on TV, I finished my photo printing experiment from early last week. I stuck the 8×10 print of the picture I sent to CVS for printing into a cheap plastic frame. It looks pretty good sitting on the credenza beside my dinning table. If I continue to like it over the next few weeks I’ll give it a better frame and hang it in place of the art work that came with the RV. The other option is to print a few other pictures and try them.

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