Turtles and Coots

Saturday February 1st 2020

I got up on time this morning, but not because I was ready to get out of bed. There was too much noise outside to stay in bed. One of my rear neighbors were getting their RV washed and my front side neighbor was leaving this morning. The lack of any real separation between sites is one of the down sides to this RV Park.

After breakfast and my morning internet reading, I was out of the RV park for the days errands. The best part of the day was a stop at the Wetlands park to visit the birds. The day was sunny and warm in the low seventies so the park was busy. Families, groups and a few other solo walkers were all over the park. I went out to the back of the park away from most of the people and sat on a bench in front of a pond with a couple of pairs of American Coots and other swimming birds. Watching the birds dive under for a piece of vegetation then come up and chew on it for a bit was a little mesmerizing.

I spent about half an hour with the coots before continuing my walk through the park. There weren’t too many other close up wildlife encounters. I saw several interesting birds in the distance and fish and turtles up close. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a very nice day.

When I got back to the RV park, I still didn’t have a new neighbor. I’m surprised most of the other sites in the park are occupied and the site next to me hasn’t been empty overnight for more than a month. At least I won’t get woken by a departing neighbor tomorrow. It will be the last of the nice days for a while according to the forecast. Heavy winds and a twenty degree drop in temperature are forecast for tomorrow afternoon.

The End

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