Another Slow Day with more Relaxing than Action

Friday January 31st 2020

The temperature was a few degrees cooler today, but otherwise the weather was the same as Thursday. It was another beautiful day. Tomorrow is forecast to be even warmer peaking around seventy.

I got a very slow start this morning, but the pattern was a little different. I got up before eight long enough to turn the heat up, but returned to bed while the RV warmed up. It was around ten the next time I was awake. The only problem with the late hour is it doesn’t support the things I thought about doing today. The end result was another slow day today and more things put off until another day.

Tonight’s sunset

This afternoon I setup my new towed car auxiliary brake. It’s a little more difficult to get it attached to the brake peddle, but the rest of the setup is easier. I did find that I need to run a new power line from the battery to give the brake a steady supply of power. The old one had a lower power draw. I’ll get the parts I need over the weekend.

A blossoms on one of three hushes still with blooms in the RV park.

I took two walks around the RV park. During the first walk a few sites were available, but during the second walk it looked like a full house. I didn’t think this park was impacted by weekends I thought the number of long term residents isolated it from lots of short term stays, but it clearly seems to get weekend guests. Figuring out the occupancy pattern of an RV park is confusing, but this one seems to be down right mysterious.

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