A Relaxing Day in the January Sun

Thursday January 30th 2020

Wednesday’s wind was a thing of the past today. There was only a gentle breeze. The sky was back to bright blue and the temperature was in the mid sixties. It was a beautiful day.

I stayed at home today waiting for an Amazon delivery. Mail and packages are delivered to the club house office every day. You can pick up items between 1PM and 5PM. Tracking my package showed it arrived around 11:30, so I drove down to pick it up around 2PM.

My new towed car auxiliary brake was there waiting for me. It will replace my 8 year old unit that is malfunctioning periodically. Getting the old unit fixed professionally required it to be shipped back to the factory. The cost was going to approach more than half the price of a new unit without any guaranty that it could be fixed. The new unit is several generations newer and should provide more reliable braking while I’m towing my Honda CR-V.

The new auxiliary brake represents one more item checked off my check list for getting back on the travel road for 2020. I started working on the list shortly after I arrived in Las Vegas, but I still have more than a dozen items on the list to complete before I depart for Arizona at the end of February. It is much easier to complete the items when I’m in one place for an extended period.

I got to sit outside and enjoy the day for a while this afternoon. The clear blue sky was interrupted by a noisy jet every now and then, but overall it was nice to enjoy the afternoon sun. I made good use of my gas grill while I was outside by cooking a couple of Brats for dinner. With plenty of sunshine and some good nourishment, it was back inside for a long dark night of watching TV.

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