Windy Day in Las Vegas

Wednesday January 29th 2020

It was a windy day. The TV weather talkers reported average wind speeds between 15 and 20 mph with gusts in the thirties for the Las Vegas Valley. Outside the valley the wind gusts were much higher. The day also started with a very brief shower, before the wind became dominant and the clouds cleared out. Most of the precipitation didn’t reach the ground. The mountains to the west gut a fresh dusting of snow. The temperature still managed to reach the mid sixties.

The path not taken.

I stopped in at the Clark County Wetlands Park on my way home from some wandering about the Henderson NV area. The park was quiet today. Most of the people and the wildlife were staying out of the wind. I got in a good walk and took a few pictures attempting to capture an image of the wind. Playing with my camera has become a real diversion lately.

Wind on the Palm Tree with the snow in the mountains to the west.
The wind is keeping the dry reeds bent away from the direction of the gusts.
A couple was flying a kite in the parking lot.

Back at my RV home, I have a new back neighbor for a few days. The park is filling up with people in Las Vegas for the big football game in Miami this weekend. There is an absolute obsession with avoiding the NFL trademark term “Super Bowl” in the area. The NFL got very upset a few years ago and brought legal action against groups using their trademark to make money. They were particularly concerned with casinos using the trademark. Now, even the TV sports reporters don’t use the term. I haven’t seen as strict a moratorium on using the term in other parts of the country.

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