The Countdown has Started

Tuesday January 28th 2020

Four weeks from tonight I will be in Arizona if all goes according to plan. The count down to the start of my 2020 travels is on. Over the next few weeks I need to accomplish the tasks I’ve been putting off and get everything ready to travel.

This morning I made reservations in Florida for the last few days of 2020 and the first ten days of 2021. I don’t have the entire year booked, but I’ve got more locked in reservations than I ever had before. On February fifth I’ll be able to book the last unbooked week in the first half of the year at a Utah State Park with a four month reservation window. My next block of open time starts at the end of July and runs through my reservation in the Florida Keys at the end of October. I really don’t like planning this far ahead. It makes spontaneity and changes difficult and potentially expensive.

My summer travels start with seven weeks in various parts of Arizona. I’ll see a few baseball spring training games in the Phoenix area followed by another visit to the Cottonwood/Sedona area and the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Continuing north as it warms up a little I’ll spend four weeks in Utah followed by three in the West Yellowstone area of Idaho and Montana. As I return south in June, I’ll spend another week in Utah followed by four weeks in Wyoming before moving south on the east side of the Rockies into Colorado in the middle of July. At that point I’ve run out of booked reservations, but plan to continue through Colorado into New Mexico in August. September should find me on an easterly course along the Interstate 40 corridor.

Tonight’s sunset

Today started and ended as a partly cloudy day. In the middle it was a cloudy day without any visible blue sky. The temperature in the valley is still running above normal around sixty five degrees. During all the changing weather I got some errands accomplished, completed a little online shopping, did a load of laundry and finished the day at Sam’s Town Casino for the senior day drawing. Of couse, I didn’t win, but it was a productive day overall.

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