Computer Monday

Monday January 27th 2020

I’m still in a pattern of late starts to the day. While I was awake earlier, my day didn’t start until around 10am. Breakfast and catching up on various internet information sources takes at least a couple of hours, so the daylight was more than half gone before I really began my day.

Blossom of the day.

It was a nice day. A ten to twenty mile an hour wind out of the north was an addition to the previous few days of bright sunshine. Somehow, the north wind brought additional warmth. The temperature peaked just shy of seventy.

Except for a couple of walks around the RV park, the computer caught my attention today. I used it for some travel research work, then migrated into more experiments indexing and annotating some of my many photographs. That lead to the inevitable question of “What can I do with all these pictures?” As an experiment I adjust and cropped one picture for printing. I sent it off to the local CVS for printing. I’ll pick up the print tomorrow. Right now it’s more of a curious experiment than any real plan. Maybe I’ll replace the stock artwork on my RV home wall with something from my travels.

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