Busy Day at Home in My RV

Friday January 24th 2020

I got a new neighbor the yesterday while I was out. When I got home yesterday evening, I started hearing their gas furnace running. The unusually load appliance sounds like a jet engine running. It managed to disrupt my sleep for quite a while last night. How they could tolerate the noise for unnecessary heat is beyond any guess I have. I woke up every time it cycled on until well into the night.

Blue sky with a few wispy clouds.

This morning shortly before 7AM, a new disturbance woke me up. The neighbors with the loud furnace were packing to depart. The good news is I won’t have to deal with the loud furnace anymore, but the noise they made packing up sure did a number on any thoughts of sleeping in. I think they slammed every door they had and ran the loud diesel truck at fast idle for half an hour. It was just another one of the things you need to deal with when staying in tight winter quarters like these.

Today’s weather was great like the last few days. The bright blue sky allowed the temperature to return to the upper sixties. Tomorrow is forecast to be a similar day with Sunday warmer with a chance of rain. It’s nothing to complain about.

I was early for the real red of the sunset tonight.

Today was occupied with various tasks around my RV home. In addition to cleaning, I also completed a couple of maintenance tasks that have cropped up. The hinges on one of my closet doors became loose preventing the door from latching correctly. The door would randomly pop open and turn on the closet light. Waking up in the middle of the night with a strange glow coming from the bedroom closet can be very disorienting. Today I adjusted and tighten each of the hinges. Everything is working now, but I suspect that I’ll need to adjust the latches as well.

Looking east at sunset.

On my walk around the RV park this evening to find a picture of the sunset for this blog, I had a pleasant observation. The days are getting longer. Sunset is more than half an hour later than near the winter solstice. The location of the sunset is also a little more to the north in the western sky. The bottom line is spring and summer are coming.

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