A Visit to Downtown Las Vegas

Thursday January 23rd 2020

The very nice weather trend continued today. It was bright and sunny with a high temperature in the upper half of the sixties. The TV weather reporter pronounced the day seven degrees higher than the fifty nine degree norm.

A little blossom of the day.

I made use of the Sam’s Town shuttle for another tourist mode excursion today. This time I used the shuttle to travel to downtown Las Vegas. I spent most of the afternoon wandering in and out of the casinos along Fremont Street. A few things have changed since my last visit two years ago. The hole in the ground that used to be the Las Vegas Club casino hotel is now a mass of steel work many stories high of the new Circa Casino. It will be the tallest hotel casino north of the strip when it is finished.

The shark aquarium at the Gold Nugget. The shark is at the back of the tank during this picture.

Other changes are more subtle. The interior of the California hotel and casino has been refreshed and looks more modern. I think they actually sacrificed some gaming space to accomplish the remodel. It may be just my imagination, but I think several of the casinos have removed some machines to make more open space.

The upgraded Viva Vision LED canopy is bright enough to be seen during the daylight.

Out under the Fremont Street Experience LED canopy the usual compliment of entertainers and weirdos was present. In this case a weirdo is an entrepreneur that dresses in strange or provocative attire to obtain money from tourists. The women in showgirl outfits fit the location, but who wants to have there picture taken with Mini Mouse in Las Vegas. You go to Disney for that. The shirtless guys trying to get people to dance with them was a new observation for me. They seem to get a lot of takers for some of the less acrobatic moves.

Tonight’s sunset.

I was back at Sam’s Town around five and home shortly after that. I only lost fifteen dollars to the downtown machines. There is always the risk of spending a lot more when you have wait too long for the shuttle. This time everything worked out well. I will probably drive downtown and park in one of the garages some night before I leave the area to see the upgraded Viva Vision LED light canopy. It is now much brighter and is even visible during the daylight hours.

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