A Slow Start to a Weekend Day

Saturday January 25th 2020

The Las Vegas valley’s stretch of warmer than normal days continued with a bright sunny day with the temperature in the upper half of the sixties. Even the wind that often keeps things stirred up was calm. Overall it was another beautiful weather day.

My day began slow and never really got up to speed. Late night TV watching has skewed my start to the day a couple of hours. It was afternoon before I was finished with breakfast. Of course having to bake a package of muffins for breakfast, since I was out of just about everything else of substance, helped to drag out the meal time. The first order of business for the day was a resupply mission.

There is no right time to go shopping in this town. Peoples work schedules in this heavily tourist oriented city are extremely varied. Morning, afternoon and night of everyday of the week seems to be busy at the neighborhood Walmart. This afternoon was especially busy, but I had to go. I was out of bread, milk, eggs, meat and all the stuff that ties them together. It took about two hours to get in and out of the store. The checkout line was particularly slow. I got in a lane with a checkout clerk that had to pause and discuss the merits of this or that item with every shopper. It should be another week or ten days before I need to return.

Walking around the RV park late today, I saw the usual complement of dogs getting walked or pushed in dog carriages to the dog run. Today, I saw a new pet out for a walk. A cockatoo was taking a walk on his keepers shoulder. I’ve seen a few birds in cages outside RVs and it there windows, but this is the first one I’ve seen out for a walk around an RV park. I hope it was well trained to stay with the man, since I didn’t see any signs of a restraint. A lost bird in greater Las Vegas could ruin a trip quickly.

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