Visiting the Birds

Wednesday January 22nd 2020

The weather outside was great today. Inside, I seemed to have a black cloud hovering above my head. Lots of little things went wrong this morning. I had to spend a few minutes fussing with my cell phone to get it to start charging. Two hours later I had a charged phone again. While waiting for the phone I had to figure out why I wasn’t getting a full flow of water into my RV. To get enough flow and pressure for my morning shower I had to use my internal tank and pump. The problem must have been with the RV Park’s plumbing, because the problem went away before I found a cause. Several other smaller annoyances also took time to chase down or work around.

This afternoon I escaped to my local happy place, the Clark County Wetlands Park. It was a nice quiet day at the park. The workers had finished removing the grass and reeds from one of the ponds. The sun now reaches some of the areas that were previously in the shade. The turtles have taken over the rock the Great Blue Heron was using for fishing. I spotted the heron in a tree back from the edge of the pond watching everything. I also saw a couple of new birds that I haven’t identified yet.

How many turtles can you get on one rock? There were one or two on all the other exposed rocks in the pond.
“I’m ready for my closeup. Is this my good side?”
“The turtles invaded my fishing rock. I wonder when they’re going to get back in the water?”
It was making a lot of noise, but I’m not sure what kind of bird it is.
This road runner stopped long enough for me to get a nice picture.
Another unknown bird.

I spent more time at the park than usual, but covered a lot less ground. Several times I sat on the benches beside the trails and ponds just watching nature at work. By the time I got back to my RV home the black cloud over my head seems to have lifted. The high number of little things going wrong has subsided for now.

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