Another Visit to the Botanical Cactus Garden

Tuesday January 21st 2020

The weather people called today partly cloudy, but it really depended on when you looked. The day started out partly cloudy with only a little bit of blue. This was followed by increasing sunshine reaching the ground and more blue appearing in the sky. The pendulum swung and a sky full of clouds very similar to yesterday was the dominant feature for a couple of hours. The daylight hours ended with the clouds giving way to the most sunshine and blue sky of the day. All of this allowed the temperature to reach the low sixties.

On my way back to the RV park from running a few errands, I stopped at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory Cactus Gardens. This was my first visit to the garden since it was fully decorated for Christmas. The Christmas decorations and lights have been replaced by decorations and lights for Valentines day. The reindeer have been replaced by unicorns and the lights are all shades of red and white. The night time presentation formally begins on February 1st.

My daytime visit to the garden showed many of the cactus starting to display their spring blossoms. Some of the ground cover bushes and plants were in full blossom. It was nice to see some natural color in the landscape. As the season gets closer the garden will only get prettier. I’ll be back to see the garden lite for Valentines day and again before I leave the area to see the blossoms during the day.

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