Another Day of Little Tasks

Saturday January 18th 2020

It was a warmer day. It was a cloudier day. Overall, it was another beautiful day. The temperature peaked in the high fifties a little below the expected sixties high.

Blossom of the Day

My day was similar to yesterday. It was filled with little tasks that need to be done, but only reach the top of the to do list when you start looking for them. A lot of today’s tasks involved throwing stuff away. While I try not to keep things that aren’t useful, they still seem to accumulate. Everything I can get rid of reduces the clutter and saves weight. I need to spend some more time reducing my excess stuff before I start this years travel at the end of February.

During my walks around the RV park I noticed that the park was close to full again. It had been loosing residents all week, but there were many new arrivals today. I don’t think it’s for the holiday weekend. Many of the new arrivals are from out of state. What drives occupancy in RV parks is a mystery to me.

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