Watching Football Got in the Way Once Again

Sunday January 19th 2020

The temperature reached the mid sixties today. Combined with high sparse clouds most of the day, it made for a very nice day. As the day went by the cloud cover got thicker, but it didn’t impact the quality of the day.

High clouds moving in to hide the blue sky.

I got caught up watching football again today. That’s probably the last time I’ll use that excuse for inactivity until fall. Between each half and between games I got a three walks in around the RV park. There were many noisy fans for the Chiefs, the 49ers and the Packers. I didn’t here or see any fans of the Titans even at RVs with Tennessee license plates. The Chiefs and the Packer fans were the most vocal, but I heard one woman screaming for the Packers. She was inside her trailer with the doors and windows closed, but I could still here her cheering for Aaron Rodgers. A big Green Bay flag flew above the trailer. I’m glad I wasn’t around when they lost the game.

It wasn’t all football watching today. I got a few other tasks accomplished while the games were on. During the second game I even managed to cook another big pot of beef stew. It will provide a few meals this week, even though the warmer temperatures predicted might be better served with less cold weather food.

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